Data Usage Policy

Referrer spam blocker is developed by Stijlbreuk, a digital agency from the Netherlands.

Referrer Spam Blocker requests to "Edit Google Analytics managment entitites" in order to install the filters into your Google Analytics account.

API write access
  • We will only use the access to install filters into the accounts you select.
  • We will link the installed filters to the views you select.

API read access
  • We will only use the data we read to display your accounts in order for you to select which accounts to install filters for.

Data usages
  • We will not store any of your data retreived from Google Analytics.
  • We will not use the Google Analytics API access for anything else than installing filters into your account.

Submitting spam domains
  • Your e-mailaddress will be stored after you send in a spam domain, in order to communicate with you about the spam domain.
  • We will not use your e-mailaddress for any commercial purposes