Why do I need to give access to "Edit Google Analytics management entities"?

When you run Referrer Spam Blocker for the first time you will see the following prompt

Referrer Spam Blocker requires access to "Edit Google Analytics managment entitites" in order to install the filters into your Google Analytics account.

  • We will only install filters into the accounts you select.
  • We will link the installed filters to the views you select.
  • We will not store any of your data.
  • We will not use the access for anything else than installing filters into your account.

How does Referrer Spam Block work 'under the hood'?

Referrer Spam tool uses the Google Analytics API to install filters in your Google Analytics account. You can find these filters under the Admin tab. For each account we will install multiple filters.

Each filter excludes a list of spam referrers by campaign source. These filters will be linked to views.

Our tool does this all automatically. Adding the filters will require multiple API Calls which is the reason why it may take a while before all filters are installed.

How do I 'uninstall' your tool from my Analytics account?

Referrer Spam Blocker is an ordinary application that uses Google API to access your account. You can easily review your permissions here, in the settings of your account.

If you don't want to use our filters anymore you can delete them manually by going to your analytics account and navigating to "Admin" > "All filters". Here you can delete all filters with the referralspamblocker_ prefix for each account.

Is your blacklist complete?

We try to have a complete list of ghost referrers, based on people like us sharing their frustration. We cannot guarantee that the list is complete, as new ghosts pop up faster than Twitter followers for Caitlyn Jenner.

If you miss a ghost referrer, please submit it so we can add it to our blacklist. This tool is a team effort and we encourage everybody to submit new ghosts through our submission form.

Keep in mind that we will hand-check all submissions, before adding them to the blacklist, to prevent misuse.

How do I update my filters?

New spammers are added to our blacklist frequently. In order to prevent them from polluting your data, you will have to keep the installed filters up to date. You can do this by running the tool again and select the outdated views. The outdated views are indicated by an orange exclamation mark.

What happens to my data?

Nothing. We don’t save any of your data to our servers.

Is this really free?

Yes, our tool is absolutely free.

So what's your business model?

Referrer spam blocker started as a friday-afternoon project here at Stijlbreuk. We were tired of manually updating the spam filters and created a tool that did this automatically to make our lives easier. We showed some people in our network and because they were enthusiastic we decided to spend a "little bit more time" on it to make it more user friendly.

We thought about possible business models before making the app public, but we decided that making money of the spam issue just didn't feel right. We see the tool as our "digitale visitekaartje" or "digital business card" in english. We hope that some companies will notice the quality of the tool and get in touch for similar projects. If you like what you see, please contact us here.


Yes it's free. We don't earn any money from this tool. We are just trying to give someting back to the community and we're hoping that we will get some new business-relations out of it.


After multiple request, we have added a donation button. Read about donating here

Why are there multiple filters?

Google put a 255 character limit on the filters in your Google Analytics account.

And since there are more #$$#@% ghost referrers than the character limit, we need more than one filter. We currently block 431 spammers. We have to create 37 filters to do this.

Can I edit the filters?

Yes you can. However, that is not what we advise. If you run our tool a second time we will remove our previously created filters and add the new filters to your account(s).


  • If you changed the name, we can’t remove the old filters so they will co-exist.
  • If you changed the filters, we can’t promise that the custom parameters you added to the filter will be there after the update.

What are "maximum api calls"?

Google allows us to do 17500 write operations per day. To block referrers for one site we have to make approximately 74 calls. This means we can only add filters for 236 sites per day. When you update the filters already installed previously, significantly less calls are needed.

We have a pending request for Google to allow us to make more API calls per day. Until this is approved we are unfortunately limited to 17500 write operations per day. If we have reached the maximum API calls for this day, please try again tomorrow, as the calls are reset at midnight. So you might want to set your alarm clock to early in the morning ;-)

Where can I submit my ideas?

If you have a suggestion to make the tool better, we would love to hear from you! You can leave suggestions for new features here. Thanks!

How can I ever repay you?


  • You could introduce yourself to us when you think we can help you to improve your business.
  • You can mention us on Twitter.
  • You can like our company on Facebook.
  • You can connect to us on LinkedIn.
  • You could tell other people about referrerspamblocker.com, as we like to expand our network.
  • Make sure to check out or other work at stijlbreuk.nu!

You can also donate

We were a bit hesitant to add a donate button to our website. We do not want to make money of this spam issue. However, we have received some requests from several users to add a donate button anyways. We have decided to add a donation button for the following cause: we will hire an intern to work on referrerspamblocker. We have noticed that monitoring and updating the site cost us more time than anticipated. The goal of the internship is to make the tool better, more user friendly, add new spam domains more quickly and implement feature requests.