Referrer Spam Blocker prevents spam getting into your Google Analytics. However, it can't filter all the spam that's already in your account.That's why we've now created Advanced Segments to hide the same spammers from your historic data that already entered your Google Analytics.

For your convenience, we have recreated all default segments provided by Google and grouped them in four templates. The main 'all sessions' view can also be downloaded separately.

We will keep adding domains to the Segments, so please keep updating them to stay up-to-date. If you want to be notified, please subscribe to our newsletter or even better, follow us on Twitter. (Last update: )

Segment Installation

Click on one of the Import segments link below and add the selected segment(s) to all views, or one specific view.

Navigate to the reporting section in your Google Analytics account and click the greyed out "Add Segment".

Search for the segment you have added, in this case [RSB] All Sessions.

Tick the checkbox in front of the segment and click on the Apply button.

Your report will now show your traffic withouth spam.

Segment Imports